6 Tips for Writing an AWESOME BUSINESS EMAIL

awesome business email

All too often when people email business to business or business to people they try and get to fancy. Just remember you are emailing from you to someone else.

A nice blog with going to look at how to capture someone’s interest and take them on a journey so you know without a shadow of a doubt the person is interested and you take them from your email list to a hot lead.

Let’s begin.

Open Rates are Inaccurate as Image Tracking Pixel are Blocked By Email Services or Clients

Step 1: open rates are not a good figure to rely on for a couple of different reasons many email servers or clients block images and email tracking is an image pixel so you may think you have a pool open rate when an actual fact the person has opened your email and closed it again as it may or may not been of interest sadly at this point you don’t know.

I better option would be to have your email providers tracking code on the back of every page on your website and have your end goal on the email so within the first 3 to 5 seconds your email reader knows exactly how your product or service will benefit them and for them to learn more they need to click a link in your email to visit your blog which has the rest of the email story.

Once your email reader click the link to go to the blog the email tracking code pops attack against the person’s email address which you can flag and alert to email you letting you know what email address read the blog this also gives you notification should you want to phone the client to see if you can help with anything.

Don’t Segment Your List – Instead Use Tags to Group Readers by Interests

Segment Your List

Step 2: I hate list segmentation and yet I see many people push it as a benefit here’s the issue with list segmentation. Your email reader signed up to your default email list.

you send out several emails and eventually they buy from you so you move them to a buyers list.

You now have two email lists will you have segmented your readers from buyers to non buyers after 3 for 6 months people on the buyers list don’t buy do you move them back to your non buyers list it’s an option.

What if you send different email to your buyers list than you send to your non buyers list but what if an email you sent to your non buyers list was of interest to someone who bought something and was moved to your buyer’s list and didn’t get that email to never knew about it?

the upshot is if you segment your lists with multiple lists you’re going to end up not knowing who you have emailed in who you haven’t emailed there’s a much better way to automate your list it’s cold tagging.

most email providers offer tagging just check with who you have to make sure they support tagging for me I like activecampaign are very reasonable and support tagging and lead scoring but first let’s talk about how tagging.

you sent an email to a client as the email gets sent you tag an email address of the client.

the client opens the email clicks on the link in the email and it’s taken to the blog till there was information the blog has the email service tracking code as a tag to say the person checked out the blog.

You set up a trigger so that if the clients email address has a tag for sending the email and also has the tag for reading the blog that ties in with that email an automated email is sent out with a discount offer or a limited scarcity offer or something.

Another solution could be just set up a trigger that emails you when both tags are tied to an email address so when should we know the client has looked at the email and then click through to the blog site to read more you get email to notification and you can phone up the client to ask if you can help with anything and hopefully increase your chances of a new sale.

Start Your Message in Email and Finish Your Message In Your Blog

Step 3: I briefly covered starting the email and finishing it in the blog here’s how this would work for you.

If you sold power washers you could title an email “three steps to get the best power washer for you”.

In the email you talk about some models come with longer hoses to reach the roof if your cleaning a roof other models are more power for shifting grease stains from driveways and other models are great for blasting fences with all the mildew before painting them. You didn’t want to say each model has its own benefits and challenges so to make sure you get the best jet wash follow these 3 steps. To learn more click here to see the blog.

at this stage you have kept the email short and straight to the point with everyone being in a hurry these days this is exactly what someone wants and if they haven’t checked out the blog you’ve left them in suspense that they say I will back and check that blog when I’m on lunch or whatever.

this improves your chance of taking the visitor from email onto the blog which is more interaction with your reader to your content. Not only that this gets more visitors to your website and a few website which I’m assuming it does has Google Analytics tracking code in the back-end google Analytics logs this which means you pages give a good user experience which is also a massive benefit come SEO, as Google likes to show pages that are of benefit two others.

At The Bottom Of Your Blog Have a “To Learn More Link”

Step 4: at the bottom of your blog have a link to a sales presentation video. This gives a very personal touch and has a much better chance of getting the sale or a meeting whatever the call to action is that you require. You can finish off the video with one of the following ideas.

  • To arrange a meeting call this number.
  • To buy click on the link below this video.
  • if I can help you with any more information give me a call on this number.

As you can see taking a reader from an email to a blog from a blog to a video from a video to a call to action can be very powerful.

What’s The Best Email Marketing Software?

Step 5: the best email Marketing software is this software you know how to use there’s nothing worse than getting a software service or product but you don’t yet know how to use or don’t have faith in.The only thing I would do with any email product or service as check they support automated tagging and also automated tracking where you put a snippet of tracking code to all pages on your website whether you pass it on to a web developer or the other section you can pop in the code and it puts it in all the pages yourself and no bother just as long as you can do that that is the key for any email Marketing solution you want.

For me I like activecampaign it’s very affordable it does tracking and lead scoring to if you haven’t used lead scoring before it’s the ability to score Leeds. here’s how it works. You give each action a value so it could be when an email reader clicks on a link in an email to go visit a blog that’s 10 points then when the email reader is on the blog and click the link to visit a sales with you that’s 20 points, you could then set up a trigger that when you email reader has 30 points you get notified to give them a call and after you call them to reset the trigger to zero again.

Your Not Just Sending an Email – Your Setting Up a Marketing Funnel

Step 6: if you’ve never set up an email this way you made panic and think that’s a lot of work.

The best way to start as get a pencil and paper write down the steps you need and crack on here’s some basic steps.

  1. Make sure your email service tracking code is put on every page on your website.
  2. When your email service sends your email make sure it ads the tag name of the email to the email address.
  3. On your email service add a rule that if a link is clicked on the email that opens up a blog page adds a tag to the user’s email address.
  4. Once the visitor comes from the email to your website by clicking the link this activates session tracking which means if the visitor clicks on to watch your sales video you can also have the sales video page add a tag to the email address meaning you can say if email tag resend, the blog page was opened, after reading the blog he then checked out your sales page, no sent you email notification on the email address for you to follow up with an email or a call.


My conclusion to these steps are don’t you send one email create a proper funnel any decent email autoresponder will do this for you just check the is tagging set up an email setup blog tracking set up a sales video and boom this will make your job so much easier and is also the fact that the email reader if is a client or someone just onto your list is giving them so much interaction with your content and you’re not being pushy your content is leading them on to the next bit of content which is positive because the use of fuels they’re in control and are wanting that next bit of information and this will really boost your interaction and give you a better chance of getting that sale.

I hope you like blog and if you have any questions pop it in the comments box below bye for now.

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