6 Tips for Writing an AWESOME BUSINESS EMAIL

6 Tips for Writing an AWESOME BUSINESS EMAIL All too often when people email business to business or business to people they try and get to fancy. Just remember you are emailing from you to someone else. A nice blog with going to look at how to capture someone’s interest and take them on a

Lead Generation

Listen or keep reading… Lead Generation I want to make a clear distinction here in that lead generation is not traffic sources although you want to track what traffic sources bring in the most leads (email signups). The lead generation part is from the point your visitor gets onto your list. Why the visitor is

Email Nurture Sequence

Listen or keep reading… Email Nurture Sequence How can you nurture your email list if you don’t separate them by interest? In this blog, we are going to discuss weekly emails and tagging to build an effective email nurture sequence. It’s not as hard as you think but it does take planning. Let’s begin.  

AB Testing Google Analytics

Listen or keep reading… AB Testing Google Analytics Google has done something very clever with A/B test, previously I paid $47 month for a service that did the same, and now I have switched over to Google A/B Testing or “Google Optimize” as it’s called. So what’s all the fuss about? What if you could

Lead Scoring Methodology

Listen or keep reading… Lead Scoring Methodology Lead scoring methodology that you can use right now to validate who’s ready to buy from your email list. Yup, the process sounds easy right, you send a bunch of weekly emails and if they haven’t unsubscribed and are opening your emails then they must be a hot

Email Subject Line Best Practices

How To Construct A Headline That Gets Attention Listen or keep reading… Headlines and subject lines connect with your audience on a psychological level. Which is why, when something is of interest to you, it could have your friends board to tears. Here’s what I mean, the standard format for a good headline is:-