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Google Ads GraderMost people don’t understand how to create Google Ads campaigns that are worth spending money on. This is where having a service like the Google Ads IMT faucet can really increase the effectiveness of the campaigns you run for your customers. Many advertisers spend a lot of money on mobile advertising on Google without putting much effort into optimizing that particular section of their AdWords. Wordstream’s Free AdWords Sorter is definitely a good tool to help new advertisers get an idea of ​​what they can do best.

Improving your Quality Score

Google Ads Grader – Wordstreams AdWords Grader Plus is a solid first step with helpful tips on how to improve each grade in your review. As a bonus, the new AdWords Grader Plus includes certain dollar amounts that you can save by improving your Quality Score. Getting the kind of external AdWords performance data that AdWords Grader gives you can often cost you thousands of dollars.

Their AdWords Performance Grader automates spending analysis and offers a quick sanity check by comparing accounts to others in their “weight range” based on monthly spending. The AdWords Performance Grader instantly gives you an idea of ​​the health of your account, automating the PPC campaign analysis process to a great extent. Their AdWords Performance Grader is free for users and there is no limit to the number of runs per account.

Performance of your AdWords campaigns

Google Ads Grader – Essentially, evaluate your account against a certain set of criteria and compare your current performance with the expected performance you might have based on Wordstream’s best practice recommendations. The top result of Wordstreams PPC Grader is a long report page that shows a range of data about your account, but the first number you see is a ballpark “score” that compares the performance of your AdWords campaigns to other accounts in your range. .

I can honestly say that Wordstreams PPC Grader gives paid marketers a unique snapshot that can be really helpful when you are just starting your business or working with a client. I haven’t highlighted all the features of the tool here (because that would turn it into an illegible long blog post) and would encourage anyone with an AdWords account to give it a try, especially since it’s completely free. To help demonstrate some of the benefits of Wordstreams PPC Grader, I’ll share some actual data (and screenshots) from our Google AdWords account’s analytics tools, our Google AdWords account.

Determine how often advertisers browse

Google Ads Grader – It’s important to note that information from good competitor search tools is not in the Google AdWords account, but on the Google search results page. Good competitor search tools send bots to Google to determine how often advertisers browse. Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of these processes is that they do not compare data with other PPC activities. In my opinion, PPC audits are only as good as directives and the optimizations they cause.

We’ve also written a complete PPC account audit guide to provide you with a roadmap for quickly and efficiently auditing your accounts. Whether it’s a new account you’ve just taken over or an account you’ve been managing for years, a comprehensive holistic analysis can always provide new insights to help you take your PPC performance to the next level. Explanations give you detailed information about big performance changes in your accounts with a single click.

Quality Score has changed

You can see how your ad’s performance has changed over time, and you can easily see how your ad’s Quality Score has changed. This will help improve your ad’s CTR and may also take into account historical factors that affect your ads’ performance. This will help your client filter out unwanted and unnecessary clicks and neutralize negative keywords that affect your ads.

You need a small set of keywords and well-designed ads for a successful Google AdWords campaign to get good results. Not only does this provide, but knowing your site’s overall performance can give you additional information that you can use to optimize your Google AdWords campaigns. One of the most important ideas behind Google Analytics is that it provides additional data for your Google AdWords campaigns. In short, it’s an award-winning free tool from Wordstream to help you quickly identify areas for improvement in your AdWords campaigns.

Data segmentation

Data segmentation can help you determine which campaigns, ad groups, ads, or keywords perform best on a particular device type, especially for campaigns that combine desktop and mobile devices. To make it easier for you to receive tracking data for your search ads, we suggest that you track clicks and impressions on your ads and keywords. To improve the overall performance of your ad, don’t spend too much time analyzing the details of your ad.

Reviewing your AdWords account

Wordstreams PPC Grader is done by reviewing your AdWords account and scoring against averages and best practices that Wordstream has discovered by analyzing thousands of other AdWords accounts. Not having an “industry or site type” filter in Wordstreams PPC Grader, all my data is mapped to advertisers with goals, resources, etc. so different. Therefore, Andrews would like to know how many other advertisers are comparing my account performance so that I can have a reliable measure of my account performance.

Google Ads Grader – Over the years, the IMT White Label Google Ads Performance Grader has evolved and improved to help manage over 500M PS in total ad spend. This means you now get a performance tracker that evaluates the health of your Google Ads account every 30 days. Adding this to the new AdWords Grader Plus will give it another dimension in terms of used ad groups that need to be split, thus giving AdWords managers a quick way to optimize their campaigns.

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