How Do I Get Content Ideas? With 5 Best Tips

How Do I Get Content Ideas?

How Do I Get Content Ideas?

How Do I Get Content Ideas?So, if you want to find content topic ideas for YouTube blog posts, videos, and podcasts, this list is for you. So, I hope you have a huge list of topic ideas that you KNOW people want to know more about. Just search for any keyword or topic idea and you will find many things your audience is looking for help with. Checking out what other people are writing about will give you plenty of ideas on the topic of the content and point out areas you’ve overlooked so far.

Google search suggestions

How do i get content ideas? – Search tips really help move from a general topic to specific ideas. You can also use Google search suggestions to determine the types of pages and content that best fit your keyword options. Start typing a keyword in the Pinterest search box to find the top searches (it will automatically populate the search box with the top searches starting with the letters you typed).

And you will get a list of keywords that people are talking about in that particular subreddit. First, when you start typing your search phrase, you’ll also get suggestions that might already work as ideas for specific topics. But you can also use it to find topic ideas for blog posts, infographics, podcasts… or any other type of content you create.

These methods can be used to create a blog post, ebook, podcast, or whatever you want to create. Plus, there are tools and tricks to help you come up with even more ideas. If you hit a dead end or just need new topics to fit your strategy, follow the tips below to help you come up with new ideas. With a documented content strategy, a defined workflow, and a clear action plan, you can stay on track and come up with the right ideas for your future articles.

Content calendar prioritizer

How do i get content ideas? – Develop a content calendar: prioritize your content ideas and consider using tools (like Workflowy) to help you stay organized. Now that we know how regular blogging can help generate great content ideas, let’s take a look at five specific ways to fill your editorial calendar.

If you have the right tools and resources, you can create an extensive list of content ideas to keep you and/or your writing team busy creating compelling content for weeks or even months. When coming up with new content ideas, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re not coming up with ideas just for the sake of getting something published; rather, take the time to research your audience and industry, and understand your analytics.

Whether you’re new to content marketing or have been beating the drums of content marketing for a while, finding good content ideas can be difficult. Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a pro, at some point you’ll have writer’s block and find it hard to come up with powerful and relevant marketing content ideas.

Creating content for your website takes a lot of time, money and resources. In other words, if you want to get great results from content marketing, you need to create content that your audience really wants to see.


Without personas, you could only guess what kind of content your audience needs, which means you’re more likely to go back to creating content based on what you know best (your products and company) rather than based on information. that your audience is actively looking for. For content marketing purposes, you need people to help you deliver content that is more relevant and useful to your audience.

How do i get content ideas? – Once you’ve done your research and created your marketing personas, you’ll have a better understanding of your core audience’s goals and concerns and what they want to read. Your marketing expert will give you ideas on what to create and share on social media.

By understanding what kind of work your clients want to do, you can create and share content that will help them in that job. The idea is that understanding the work our customers want to do (or why they buy products) helps us build and sell great products more than just demographic information.

This is something you should do on a regular basis; the more you monitor and understand your content analytics, the better you will understand your audience and how they work. One of the best ways to find out what your audience likes (or what works for you) is to use your analytics. They can tell you a lot about how your audience finds your site, what they like, and how they interact with it.

Ask your audience

An easier, more passive way to come up with content ideas is to ask your audience about the topic. So look for those with opinions, comments, and other activity, and you’ll find topics in your content that you need to focus on. If you want to turn an old post into a vlog, go through your posts and choose the main topic that will help your audience with whatever problem they’re trying to solve. Make multiple posts discussing similar topics, or follow up with longer ideas.

How do i get content ideas? – Not only will this help you come up with new content ideas, but it will also be an effective way to tell your audience more about you. Break it down into several categories and you’ll have ideas for content creation. You’ll likely change these initial categories as your blog evolves and find out what readers want to hear more of, but setting these benchmarks gives you direction when you’re wondering how to start writing and posting on a regular basis.

After using the system described above, when choosing the next content idea to write, it is often found that the problem is finding few topics; narrowing the scope of ideas that should be developed and discarded. Finding the right content ideas and article topics that resonate with your audience can be challenging, but not impossible.

These tips will help you come up with theme ideas for any type of content you write: video content, infographics, blog content, case studies, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, landing pages, social media marketing, memes… whatever. One of the best ways to come up with content topic ideas is to focus on NEW topics.

Even reaching out to multiple clients with the same question can lead to great ideas and inspiration. You can ask any questions you want, but the idea is to ask for quality and open feedback on the types of questions, pain points, and desires they have regarding your content.

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