How do I make e learning interactive?

How do I make e learning interactive?

How do I make e learning interactive?

E learning is not just about reading and listening anymore. Interactive elements are essential in creating e learning experiences that are engaging, interactive, and effective. With the various components of e learning like virtual reality and Augmented Reality (AR), it has become easier than ever to create interactive e learning experiences. In this article, we will explain how you can design your own interactive e learning module.

What is interactive e learning?

There are many definitions for what makes e learning interactive and effective. Some examples are that it is “interactive learning in which learners interact with a course to acquire knowledge or skills,” or that it is “an instructional program delivered via computer, television, or other media in which the learner is engaged in an active process of exploration and discovery.” The main idea behind any type of e learning is that the learner should be engaged while they explore and learn. This engagement can be achieved through various components like interactive instruction, challenging questions, hands-on experiences, social interaction, and virtual reality. In order to design an engaging interactive e learning module using these components, you should first consider what your learners need to know while they explore and learn. This can include pre-learning goals such as content understanding and vocabulary review before diving into the more challenging concepts. It may also include objectives like building problem-solving skills needed for a particular task or skill needed for when working in a specific role within your organization. Next, you will want to make sure to have enough variety in the tasks being completed by learners so that they will feel challenged throughout their journey through your module. For example, if you are teaching about architecture, having different types of drawings from a blueprint to a model helps build students’ conceptual understanding of the different stages of architectural design process. Another way this can be accomplished is by having students complete different levels of a project where each level builds

Why design an interactive e learning module?

Designing an interactive e learning module is important for a few reasons. From creating a more engaging experience to increasing your retention rates, there are many benefits that come from creating interactive e learning modules. For example, studies have shown that the engagement rate of an e learning course is typically 50 percent lower than the average classroom. With an interactive module, you will be able to increase the engagement rate and create a more effective overall experience. With an interactive module, your students will be motivated to learn more and retain knowledge after they complete it in order to use it in their future life or professional endeavors. In addition, using VR or AR will allow students to engage with the content easier while still feeling like they’re participating without having to travel far from home.

How to design an interactive e learning module?

In order to design an interactive e learning module, you will need the following: a PowerPoint or Keynote slide deck, an interactive whiteboard app or digital projector, and at least one question for which the answer is not clear. For example, if your e learning module is about how to make a cake, you could ask your learners about their favorite cake recipe. You can also use a whiteboard app like Articulate Storyline IR or ScreenFlow to create a video of someone making the cake from start to finish. The most important aspect in designing an interactive e learning module is deciding what type of learner you are trying to reach. Based on learner needs, you’ll want to decide if your learners need audio narration, text narration, multiple choice questions with simple answers (known as multiple choice comprehension), or multiple choice questions with complex answers (known as true-false). Once you have finalized these details and have determined the appropriate level of interactivity for your learners’ needs, it’s time for you to design your own interactive elearning module. The best way to do this is by creating an outline of the different sections that will be included in your module. Next, fill in each section with all of the content that will be included in each section. Once you have completed this step and created different slides within each section that correspond with each piece of information on the outline, it’s time for you to decide how much interactivity each slide should have. You

Use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript in designing a basic interactive e learning module

HTML is the main language of web pages that allows you to create a document that can be displayed on a computer screen. CSS is short for Cascading Style Sheets, which allow you to style HTML content. JavaScript is the programming language that powers interactive elements in websites and apps.

Use of Sketch for designing the Interactive E Learning Module

Designing your interactive e learning module is not just about making it aesthetically pleasing. It’s also about making it informative and engaging for your audience. Sketch is a vector graphics tool that helps you design an e learning experience that fits the needs of your audience and provides them with valuable information. In designing your own interactive e learning module, you can use the many tools in Sketch to create interactivity and smooth animations. You can use layers, symbols, objects, text, shapes, colors, and more to make your interactive e learning module appealing to your audience. With features like icons and symbols in Sketch, you will be able to create patterns within the context of your design or even with other elements. To help ensure that your design is effective at engaging with your audience, try using animation on objects in a layer or using Sketch’s motion tracking feature. It’s easy to share these creations with the world through online platforms like Behance or Canva.

Here’s what you need to know before starting Sketch

ing Before you start sketching out your interactive module, it is important to identify the different elements of e learning. There are a variety of components that can be incorporated into an interactive module including text, audio, images, video, and virtual reality. In order to create a successful interactive module with all these components, it is important to consider what the learners will be able to do and how they will interact with the content. What does your learner know about your topic? How much time will they have? Will they have any specific skillsets or interests related to the topic? Are there particular preferred learning styles for this topic as well? These questions help you create an interactive e learning module that is tailored for your audience’s needs and abilities. To ensure that your participants are always engaged in your training experience, you should also include some form of digital engagement at the end of each part of your e learning module. This could be digital badges or a quiz before advancing to the next section. It also includes some form of social media gamification so that students are motivated enough to continue on with more difficult modules after completing easy ones.


When it comes to designing an interactive e learning module, there is a lot that goes into it. The good news is that it’s not impossible to learn, and now you have the skillset to create your own interactive e learning modules.

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