How You Can Build an Email Marketing List as Quickly as Possible

Build an Email Marketing List

How quickly can you build an email list

When I first started email Marketing I used paid advertising to build my list, it was great, so many leads coming in but I quickly realised that I could not convert my leads to sales.

I’d spent $1,200 building an email list of 800 people of which I had no one purchased from me.

I then tried to promote an affiliate offer to my list which never sold so I tried a different affiliate offer and on and on I went my email list became unresponsive.

At this point I realised I had wasted a lot of money.

What happens if you need to build an email list and have no money?

This was the situation I was in.

I had to find free traffic sources, so I googled best free traffic sources and started posting on Instagram Twitter FB and Pinterest.

Day after day I was posting content, I thought after a week this is great something must happen, so I keep going for another week and another week and 3 weeks I wasn’t getting any more leads on my list so what was going wrong.

I posted content for 3 weeks with loads of likes but no email sign ups

 loads of likes but no email sign ups

I was getting views but no email sign ups what was going wrong so I checked Google Analytics to make sure the traffic came from valid sources which was hard to tell I then used I paid traffic service that was only $20 a month but guaranteed all traffic that pass through would be valid traffic and any traffic that was bought traffic would be logged correctly.

This started me off on my quality of traffic breakdown.

What I learned was:

  • When people click on an advert they half expected to be a sales product and if they get a free gift instead of a sale it a benefit so they are more likely to pop in their email address for my download.
  • When people visit blogs or posts round the internet and click on a link for more information, but that link jumps across to a page that has an email address people feel cheated and we’ll just close the page.

This was crazy and exciting I just realised I had hit my first mind set issue while frustrating and I didn’t know what to do it was time to jump back onto Google to do more research.

OMG – people’s mindset is actually a thing?

Now from the previous section, I have worked out the issue was found to people’s mindset and Googled mindset for 4 hours before I had a solution to test.

Here’s what I learnt, when you offer someone a free download who have come from anywhere other than a paid ad you really need to oversell I know this sounds crazy but you need to give exceptional value by adding bullet points of the end goal that your reader would have by entering the email address and downloading your free eBook.

Once I learnt this, I used this method in my free downloads and tried it on paid advertising to free downloads also and for me when you put in the end Cole conversions on both free traffic and paid traffic work well.

Use storytelling to put your message across

While I was on the mindset path I also had a lot of reference to storytelling. Not the kind where you’re telling fibs but putting your story or a client story into a story.

As it turns out, we love hearing stories it’s one of those aha moments that when you read it you start to think of all the people who have the gift of the gab and can hold people’s attention anywhere from a night out with some drinks and dinner 2 a day out and some people just have that charisma.

No, I know the art of storytelling I understand when people talk or tell stories about the day and how they make it exciting I understand the process that’s going on which is kind of cool, I don’t say anything, I just listen to different styles.

Next time you’re out and one of the group who holds everyone’s attention with a story, look at some of these traits and I bet they are using them whether or not they know it.

  • Someone else is the hero.
  • Something scary or silly happened.
  • The story teller had to interact with the person to keep them right or laugh at them.
  • The storyteller had to show the hero a better way.
  • Then the story teller talks about how this helped the hero.

this could be a friend talking about something that happened with a work colleague during the day or at some other point.

so the question is how can you take those processes and turn them into a story for your potential client or a minimum email list.

I tell stories on Instagram and get more profile visitors checking me out

After learning these methods I wondered if this would work on Instagram too.

You see I use Instagram to drive traffic through to my squeeze page so it’s in my best interest to get as many people to check out my Instagram profile from Instagram then click on the link on my Instagram profile to visit my squeeze page.

Know when I post an image I put a short message on each image asking the person to check out my free download and my profile and a message on my photo.

when I took this approach, I saw a lot more clicks on my Instagram posts which in turn means a lot more visitors to my profile page with the link back to my website.

IFTTT to automate my Instagram post to Twitter For More Leads to my squeeze page

As, this work well on Instagram for me I thought what if I posted my Instagram posts to Twitter and something crazy happened when you post from your phone and share your post from Instagram to Twitter the image gets dropped and all the posts is a snippet of text? Not very glamorous.

this had me posting manually to Twitter which became a pain and was taking up time I didn’t want to spend but I wanted the Leeds so as I was still testing I had a hunt about the internet and came across a program called IFTTT.

This program is a free service synchronise accounts does a lot of clever stuff from taking the weather in your local area and posting it to your calendar so it’s there for you first thing but I use it to take anything I post to Instagram keep the proper format and put it onto Twitter and it worked a treat.

On my first testing the traffic I got from Twitter was just short of 30 visits in a day which for free traffic is awesome especially when you compare it to paid traffic on Facebook which can be anywhere from $2 to $8.

Once free traffic starts to come in and converts. Now What?

Now you’re seeing trickles of free traffic coming in, it’s time to test conversions.

I see too many people get hung up on what conversion to look at, here’s what you need to do, don’t look at overall conversions check data points to see what’s happening at different stages to find overall bottlenecks.

Conversion stats and looking for bottlenecks

When you look at traffic to your website, you will check:

  • How much traffic comes from social sites to your landing page
  • Your landing page traffic to email sign ups
  • Email sign ups to action takers.
  • Action takers two sales from your email list.

As you can see from the steps above if you just looked at traffic into your site and email sign ups you may see some sites convert better than others and you would be right.

however, what you are missing is that each side has its own way of talking to people to build trust before they drive them to you website landing page.

an example of this being when I take paid traffic to a landing page from Facebook my landing page has an image of an eBook and text then an email box this works great.

However, when I take traffic from Instagram to a landing page and have a picture of an eBook download the conditions are terrible Instagram works better without an eBook image.

Therefore, you must taste each sauce 21 landing page to start with then you can take the worst conversion pages to see if you can get that traffic source working providing the traffic source sends decent traffic to your site as there becomes a fine line where your efforts could be better focused on improving conversions on sites giving more traffic.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments box below. You have a great day. You rock.


You need to get traffic sources to your website if you don’t have money to test on advertising test with free traffic from social sites then work on your conversions to email sign ups then work on your email list to sales.

Once you get your conversions working and your site email list selling, its time to reinvest as much money as you can and marketing to upscale for more profit.

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To Your Success! Best Wishes David.

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