Remote Assitance

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Welcome to my Tip Jar:

Screen Share

Start by sharing my screen and if you need to show me something, I pass control to you, its like we’re both sitting in the same room.

When we are on a call and one of us needs to share a screen, click the button below when asked and I will accept you onto the screen share session.

Document Share

Sometimes we need to work on projects like web sites where we need to share notes.

I always create a shared doc before our arranged call to help get the job done quicker and save messing around emailing back and forth. Click the button below where only you and I have access and can share notes quickly.

Remote Support

Remote support lets me take control of your computer using Google Chrome Remote Support lets Google Generate a one-time session ID that you grant access, once we end the session, Google never uses that Session ID again, meaning no one can access your PC unless you generate a new Session ID at your end.

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If you think my website is fast, I pay 11.99 a month which is nothing compared to the fast experience you get visiting this site.

Working for 19 years as a Full Stack Web Developer - How can I help you?

Seeing company after company promise to change SEO, Marketing and Website performance where I work, and basicly falling short.

I took it upon myself to test what works and what doesn’t. All my content in this site is the positive knowledge learned from long hours, frustrations, and wins. Buckle Up and lets jump in.


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