Outstanding – What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work? 4 Steps

Understanding an autoresponder and you can scale up your email series, here’s my how to guide…

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What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work – quick jump to each section…


The number One thing you must do is “give value to your readers!​” today we are looking at What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work?

You need to stay fresh with an autoresponder email series that gives value to your readers and promotes you as the Go-to person in your industry and you do this by emailing tips, not make every email a product offering.

Lets Dig In…



Your Autoresponder has to achieve the following tasks to be beneficial to your business instead of being a time drain that many businesses struggle with.

It needs to…

  • Build trust with your email readers.
  • Hook your readers to consume more of your content, read…”What Makes A Good Newsletter
  • Have your readers taking action on your website such as
    • Booking appointments.
    • Call your sales team.
    • Watching sales videos or reading sales pages.
  • Keep in touch with your email list so you spring to mind when they want to buy.
  • Do all the above on autopilot.

Let’s start with people and building your brand.

You need to get in front of people many times before they consider if your product or service can help them before they buy from you.

Getting them on to your email list is both an affordable and an easy way to communicate.

I like to take a basic approach and keep it simple.

You need to look at what basic approach best suits your business model, here’s two approaches:-

  • Sales Team – Your autoresponder has to pre-qualify leads, so that people interested in your product or service call your sales team when they are ready to buy.
  • Digital product or service with no sales people – Your autoresponder has to pre-qualify leads, then send them to your sales page to purchase.


  1. Send a weekly tip with a call to action on week four, so that would look like:-
    • Week 1 send a tip.
    • Week 2 send a tip.
    • Week 3 send a tip.
    • Week 4 send a call to action)

When writing my 3 weeks of email tips, I like to write the key phrase at the top of Evernote to keep focus, if I was writing this blog as an email series, I’d put “What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work” at the top of a fresh Evernote page and write each email below, this way your writing stays on focus.

  1. Have a mini-serious for email readers who show an interest in a particular week



This is where most people stuff up, they email out promotion after promotion or a list of weekly blog tips.

Don’t be that person!

Let’s look at a better way.

  1. Write a blog that gives a valuable tip
  2. List some benefits in the email
  3. Leave a cliffhanger in the email e.g. Benefit 4. Click here to see the full blog…
  4. Tag the blog group to the email reader’s email address
  5. Kick off 3 day mini-email series

Let’s look at how this would work if you were a company that hired industrial jet washes



What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work - action plan




Give each weekly email a tag e.g.

  • Email 1 Tip Week 1 = jw-paint-fence
  • Email 2 Tip Week 2 = jw-paint-decking
  • Email 3 Tip Week 3 = jw-paint-decking
  • Email 4 Tip Week 4 = jw-hire-offer

Example of how email week one could look…

Email Week 1: Industrial Jet Wash Hire – Prepare, Repaint Fence Fast…

Email Body:  Hey {auto-fill-first-name-from-list}

I have 4 ways to speed up painting your fence, leaving you to enjoy your day.

Let me show you right now

  1. Industrial Jet Washers can use a wider range of chemicals compared to home user mini washers, using the right chemical will speed up preparing your fence by 60-%
  1. Spray the chemical on and leave for 30 minutes
  1. Final wash and see the old paint, green moss and other contaminants wash off, leave for 30 minutes to dry
  1. I’ve got a fourth step… You will love this, this email is getting too long, you can continue reading this on my blog

For those users who click the blog link, a Tag gets added to your email readers email address in your autoresponder.

You can see the tag added to the user email address below and you can have as many tags as you want, look at the image below:-

tag added to the user email address

  1. This is the email address of an email subscriber on your list.
  1. Is where the tags get added to his or her email address

Bonis tip

I also tag links in Google Analytics to see what blog links get clicked, if you go to the bottom of this blog and sign up to my email list, I know from my Google analytics the blog that you subscribed from e.g. title: What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work

If you want to do the same, add the following to your links:

How To Attract A Target Audience With Instagram

Break down:

  • utm_source = Blog link, email link, Instagram profile link, social media link etc.
  • utm_medium = Link placement on the page
  • utm_campaign = Blog title, post title, email subject etc.



In your autoresponder, you have an automation that detects the tag in this case “jw-paint-fence” has been added to the email readers email address and sends the email reader Day1, Day2 and Call to action mini series.

What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work – The process looks something like this…

Autoresponder And Trigger Emails 1

Quick recap:-

  • Each week you send an email tip

Autoresponder And Trigger Emails 2

  • If a particular week is of interest to your email reader, they click the link to visit your blog to read more and a tag is added to their email address

Autoresponder And Trigger Emails 3

  • Your autoresponder detects the new tag, and Day one mini series starts the next day.

Autoresponder And Trigger Emails 4




The mini email series kicks in to give your email reader focused information based on the week you clicked on.

The reasoning behind the mini email series is…

  • Each weekly email tip is more of a hook so you can see where your email readers interests in your products or service are.
  • Once you know where your email readers interests, you can give more focused advice that can better help your email reader.
  • Many times your email reader may have overwhelm leading to procrastination, therefore you add a call to action on day three of your email mini series.
  • The call to action lets your email list feel your offering can get them ahead of the game, giving them a jump start with a product or service you offer.

What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work

What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work

What Is An Autoresponder And How Does It Work

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