What is interactive video content?

What is interactive video content?

What is interactive video content?

If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably come across a video that was posted specifically for users to interact with. An interactive video is a type of video content that makes it easier for viewers to provide feedback and make connections. These videos encourage conversation between users by including features that prompt viewers to comment or respond to the video itself. An interactive video is a great way to increase engagement with your brand and audience, especially when you can showcase your unique point of view in a unique way. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate interactive videos into your content strategy:

Increase brand awareness and engagement

Interactive video content is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and engagement. Interactive videos are an interesting, engaging way to connect with your audience. You can show off your brand’s personality, talk about a topic that is relevant to them, or give them an opportunity to learn something new. Additionally, interactive video content can also be a great tool for driving sales. If you have products or services to sell on your website, create an interactive video that explains the benefits of purchasing from you. This will help make it easier for people to decide what they want to buy and at which price point they should purchase it. Finally, interactive videos create a unique community online. People who view these videos feel like they are in the company of others who have similar interests and opinions. This gives viewers the opportunity to build relationships and make connections with other fans of your brand on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Develop a community of loyal brand advocates

Interactive videos are a great way to generate brand advocates. By encouraging engagement from your viewers, you’re able to build stronger relationships with them and create a deeper bond that will result in customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing. Interactive videos can help you develop a community of loyal brand advocates by taking advantage of the power of social media. You can share these videos on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter for the whole audience to see. When people watch these videos, it allows them to interact with your brand on social media. This increases your visibility and builds up trust. Since you’re able to reach more people through this content strategy, it is an efficient way to reach all members of your audience.

Create a sense of urgency around important events

Interactive videos are a great way to keep your audience motivated. One type of interactive video is one that prompts viewers to respond with a response on a deadline. This creates a sense of urgency around an event, which can then make it easier for your audience members to take action. Here’s an example: You could create an interactive video that prompts viewers to respond with their favorite kind of coffee before noon today. If they do, you’ll start brewing coffee in the morning and then post the video on social media tagged with #CoffeeDay. If they don’t, you’ll teach them how to make coffee at home and post the video on social media tagged with #CoffeeMakingTips.

Boost your bottom line by marketing to video viewers

Interactive videos are a great way to market your brand because they have the potential to significantly increase engagement. If viewers of your video interact with it, you know that you’ll be able to reach out to them in the future and have an opportunity for them to engage with your brand or products. Additionally, this type of video is especially effective when it comes to capturing leads. The higher the engagement rate, the more likely people are to sign up for your email list or purchase a product from you. Interactive videos can also help boost sales. 86 percent of marketers say that interactive content helps boost their bottom line by improving lead capture rates and increasing word-of-mouth marketing efforts. As a result, brands can grow their business by effectively reaching out to new audiences and building relationships with customers through interactive videos on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t miss out on the growth of video advertising

The growth of video advertising is undeniable. Video ads are projected to reach $8.13 billion in the U.S. by 2020, which is a significant increase from the $2.76 billion that was spent on video advertising in 2017. This means that video content will undoubtedly be a part of your marketing strategy for the foreseeable future, so you’ll definitely want to consider including interactive videos in your strategy as well. You can also use interactive videos to achieve greater social media engagement, which can help with the growth of your brand’s online presence and audience. There are many ways to measure the success of an interactive video campaign, but one of the most telling measures is how many interactions (i.e., comments or likes) it gets on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Bottom line

Interactive videos are a great way to get people engaged with your brand. To learn more about how interactive video content can be beneficial for your business, contact our team at Bridge Entertainment. Bridge Entertainment provides full-service digital marketing and video production for businesses of all types and sizes. Our expertise in marketing automation, social media strategy and video production lets us help you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

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