What Makes A Good Newsletter? Best 3 Simple Steps

Newsletter marketing builds trust and relationships, yet many companies still don’t set up their auto-responder to automate weekly newsletters.

So what makes a good newsletter?

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What Makes A Good Newsletter? – Newsletter marketing keeps your clients engaged and turns cold leads into warm leads, warm leads build trust and set you up as an authoritative person in your niche.

At least if you setup newsletter marketing with that plan in mind, sadly, too many people think newsletter marketing is a way to sell sell sell.

Don’t do it, as Email/Newsletter marketing is a communication platform. If you treat it as your personal QVC channel, you will burn through leads like crazy.

Learn to communicate with newsletters to achieve successful marketing that becomes a powerful solution for your business.


That’s where call to action comes in.

Here’s how I do it.

Email a weekly newsletter to your audience, as long as you stick to your niche, your newsletter readers will have a higher attention rate.

One thing I like to do is write a blog giving good advice, then write an email newsletter with something juicy in story format with a problem hinting to the solution.

The reader needs to click the link in the newsletter to visit the blog to see the full solution and I add a call to action which I track in Google analytics.

Best part is, those newsletter list members who click the link and visit your blog, your newsletter system can tag them and fire off a trigger to email you.

Now you call or email your reader right when they are in your website, I use ConvertKit to achieve this.

What is newsletter marketing and its benefits?

Email & newsletter marketing is the art of telling stories that engage with your email list by writing about niche specific problems, solutions and the journey that you or your customers have taken to get over a stumbling block, and how your product or service is the key player.

The more people in your email list who click links in your newsletters, visit your corresponding blog and see you as an expert in your niche.

When you have your newsletter system tag those list members who visit your blog, you can send super targeted follow-up newsletters/emails (I do all this in ConvertKit).

Eventually you end up with a target audience of leads who are warming to your personality. Which builds trust and improves your chance of sales.


Is newsletter marketing still effective?

What Makes A Good Newsletter? Email communication is how businesses communicate and is very effective. The problem with newsletter marketing is marketers treat their newsletter list like a last-minute marketing email blast trying to promote and sell like direct marketing. Which is not effective.

The problem

No one wants to be sold to, so you need to think of newsletter marketing as a way to keep your list in the loop with what’s happening and what would be the biggest benefit you could offer to your readers.

I find the best way to do this is by sending a newsletter tip once a week. As consistency matters.

The second big problem is many marketers send out fancy looking newsletters which can have the following issues:-

  • Fancy newsletters with large images can be slow to load on mobiles.
  • Images don’t always load depending on the email client or network coverage.
  • Some images can land your newsletter into the promotion tab on Gmail.

The Solution

What Makes A Good Newsletter? – When you email out tips, you build trust which turns cold leads into warm leads and has a much better chance of leading to a sale, providing you have the right product or service which saves your reader time or money.

When writing newsletters to keep your list engaged, think more entertainment and value.

An example of this could be, send out an newsletter with a customer success story, setting your customer up as the hero who had a tough break, and you are the coach, Yoda to Luke if you like, then when you are just about to uncover how your client hit success from your product or service.

Then you link to the blog with the full story.

This takes interested readers from your newsletter and brings them back to your website. Which you tag or setup a newsletter notification to notify you when the person is on your site. Letting you give them a call or email, depending on the information you have collected.

Word of caution here, the more information you collect the less subscribers you get, best to collect an email address, possibly a name and give a reason why e g.

My ebook is e-mailed out automatically, pop in your email address and you will have your own guide in the next two minutes.

As long as people have a reason to enter their email address, there is a much higher chance they will which gives you more email signups for the same website traffic or paid advertising.

How do you market your business through newsletters?

What Makes A Good Newsletter, keyboard

Send out newsletter tips weekly to keep you fresh in your email readers mind, so, when they’re ready to buy a product or service you offer, you are the first person in their mind.

I use the Three, One newsletter method where you send out one tip a week for three weeks and on the fourth week you email out an invite to your sales video or letter.

The idea is the free weekly newsletter tips by email builds trust with your email list and the fourth newsletter invites them to your sales video or sales letter.

Providing your product or service saves your reader time, money or both, you will have a product or service that’s sought after.

How much does newsletter marketing cost?

Newsletter marketing costs the price of attention. Wither you spend time list building from free traffic sources or use paid advertising sources to build your list depends massively on cost vs time e.g. What Makes A Good Newsletter?

Adding to the mix, does your copy have visitors jumping onto your newsletter list or running a mile?

That’s where conversion tracking comes in to see where bottlenecks could be hiding e.g.

When businesses start to email out their newsletter and track conversions, the process normally goes something like this.

We have…

  • xx employees
  • been established for xx
  • the industry leader at xx

What Makes A Good Newsletter? – It’s all about them. Once the tracking results show poor conversions, companies start testing different newsletter styles, fancy graphics and font styles.

Then go back to the basics as conversions are still poor.

It’s only when you realize that everyone is in a hurry and looking for answers that a clean newsletter with a link back to a blog gives your reader a better experience and helps them make up their mind if this is for them and if so, click the URL in the newsletter that links back to your blog which your Autoresponder adds a tag to the user email address tagging them as a possible lead with a higher interest in your offering.

What is a good open rate for marketing newsletters?

What's a Good Email Open RateBetween 20% and 28% is a good open rate providing you are emailing one tip minimum a week to your email list. One newsletter a week will have your email list know like and trust you. if you constantly email sale after sale to your list, you will be around or below 1%.

What Makes A Good Newsletter? – Your open rate comes down to the quality of content. It was best explained to me this way. Are you helping your newsletter reader or yourself. A selfish attitude will see a poor response where as a selfless attitude with build a trusting customer base.

What is the success rate of newsletter marketing?

What Makes A Good Newsletter? – If you are using Facebook ads, your audience to click through rate should be 1% or above. Traffic from a Facebook ad to landing page to newsletter sign-up, you should target as close to 40%. It took me 6 weeks of testing and tweaking to get to 32% It all depends on your message, niche readers interest and value of importance.

Once you get all that sorted out. Your newsletter list to sales conversion depends on your approach and offering.

It all differs on your message, product interest and experience. This is why no one shares sales conversion figures, unless walking you through an actual campaign.


What Makes A Good Newsletter? – While this blog covers my tried and tested methods, sales are never guaranteed as there are so many factors e.g.

Copywriting – If your text comes across unrealistic, your reader thinks you are not yet an expert in your craft, so be careful when making claims and never use claims you have not proven yourself.

Storytelling – Have you learned the art of keeping your reader interested throughout your newsletter marketing funnel? I find the best way is to start at your offer and build your campaign working back to your paid ad text. That way each step of your funnel or flow as some call it, leads into the next stage very well.

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