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WordPress Internal Links Plugin

WordPress Internal Links Plugin

WordPress Internal Links PluginLink Whisper is a very powerful WordPress internal linking plugin that can help you speed up your internal linking process. This plugin has many more powerful features, but I can’t fully describe them here. It’s very similar to Yoast SEO Link Suggestions, except it’s standalone (so you don’t have to worry about all the other SEO bumps or conflicts with other SEO plugins), and you get basic link suggestions for free.

Link Whisper plugin for WordPress

WordPress internal links plugin – Likewise, the Link Whisper Free plugin for WordPress provides you with many useful properties that can greatly simplify the process of internal linking. Internal Link Finder is a free WordPress plugin that shows you your website’s internal linking capabilities based on the anchor text you want to use. This is a manual plugin designed for SEO to create a natural and balanced internal link structure using exact and broad match anchor text keywords. Rather than using automated algorithms or tools to find and suggest internally linked pages, this plugin allows you to find content yourself using anchor text that you already know exists on your site.

Whenever you use the specified keyword in your content, the Internal Links Plugin will automatically link to a specific page or post. The plugin will look for these target keywords and associate them with the URL. You can also set the keywords and URLs you want your target keywords to link to.

Organic Links

This makes the links more organic than just a bunch of keywords. Type target=”blank” after the URL and your links will open in new tabs. By changing the link template, you can make all links open in a new tab. I have always set all my links (internal and external) to open in new tabs.

WordPress internal links plugin – Knowing what I know now, I don’t add as many links to certain pages as I used to. If you don’t link carefully, you can end up with orphaned pages, which can be as bad as having no content on your site. You can set the plugin to link to certain content a certain number of times, but this may result in too many links being inserted on certain pages, and possibly even pages you don’t need. If so, some of these plugins may insert broken links in your posts, and you may need to manually check all 200 to undo what they did.

Automatically insert links

They automatically insert links into your posts where the plugin deems them relevant. You will notice that some of the plugins I have recommended below are auto linking plugins. While there are many plugins that will crawl your content and suggest links automatically, this plugin requires some SEO knowledge. This plugin doesn’t do all the hard work for you, but it was specifically designed so that you don’t blindly tie all the features to your landing page.

Automatic means that the plugin will automatically insert links into your content based on the list provided, based on your keywords or its algorithm, or in some other way. Manual means that the plugin will only offer links to add and you will need to add them yourself.

SEO for large sites

WordPress internal links plugin – As you can see, the plugin goes and finds all pages, posts or CPTs of the whole site that have this text but are not linked, or already have this text with an already active link (this is useful when you are doing SEO for large sites). with lots of existing content). Once the keywords are set, the links will be generated automatically. However, once all keywords are configured, links will be generated automatically. You can link to an article whenever you mention a certain keyword, but it doesn’t take context into account.

You can rank better in Google Search with a great link structure. This helps the website or blog post to rank higher in Google search because it helps build a good link structure. But Rank Math also introduced a great new feature called Link Builder.

Also, if you’re already using this plugin, you don’t need to add a separate internal linking plugin to your arsenal, unless you want to have more control over your internal links. The WordPress Internal Links plugin allows you to easily and meaningfully link to your new or old posts, pages, or other sites to improve your overall rankings. With the WordPress Internal Link Juicer plugin, you can use your full SEO potential and improve your site’s user experience (UX). With this WordPress plugin, you don’t have to manually link your pages every time you create a new post.

The WordPress plugin mentioned above is feature-rich and provide you with many useful services that you can use with your WordPress site. Given the features available in the free version of the plugin, you don’t even need the premium version unless you’re working on a large site as a team. The plugin is available for free, but also comes with a premium version with some advanced features such as custom link targets, automatic keyword import, role-based login, and more.

Blacklist or Whitelist Specific Posts

One of the best features of this plugin is that you can blacklist or whitelist specific posts or even post types from internal links. However, the plugin allows you to add multiple anchor text options for each keyword and set relevant links based on specific post types, categories, and tags.

WordPress internal links plugin –  The Keyword to Link Converter allows you to automatically add affiliate links every time you write a post. The Internal Link Finder plugin is not a standalone SEO solution for your WordPress sites, it is meant to be used in tandem with other plugins like Yoast to become just another tool in your SEO toolbox. The plugin is called Link Whisper because it whispers internal link suggestions that are useful to readers and at the same time help improve the site’s search engine rankings. Spencer told me that if he ever adds a link removal feature to Link Whisper, it will be thanks to the work I’ve done.

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