How Can I Create My Own Website That Looks Professional?

Here's How To Get Your Own High Performing Secure Website Without Breaking The Bank...

How Can I Create My Own Website That Looks Professional?

Here's How To Get Your Own High Performing Secure Website Without Breaking The Bank...​

I have a solution for you...
What if you built your own super fast website using a drag-&-drop builder that works on Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones?

With a drag-&-drop builder, you or your team could amend your site many times over with no development costs leaving you a bigger marketing budget to drive traffic to your new website.

But How?...

How Can I Create My Own Website Considerations

Domain Name

Your domain name is the website name that brands your business, keep it simple for people to remember.


Slow website hosting is a pain for your visitors, after using many hosting companies, I would recommend Site Ground for great affordability vs performance, backups and security.


Get a free account with, this gives you a free SSL certificate & blocks a host of cyber attacks keeping your website safe.

Customer Flow

Each visitor to your website is looking for something, know their flow e.g. Floor company > designs and styles > is the price within budget > testimonials > contact or sales page. What’s your flow?

More Considerations

List Building

While build build social media followings to share our products or services, if that channel blocks your account because of a complaint. You have lost potential customers. Get them onto your email list and email weekly tips to build relationships.

Conversion Tracking

Once your site has been live, use Google Analytics and Google Search Consol to see what content is working and what content is not, bin what’s not and do more of what is.


Your home page is for people who know you, your blogs are where new visitors find you in Google, write blogs that get found and leave visitors wanting more so they click you in Google search, but still use a main key-phrase on your homepage e.g. “how much does a small business website cost”.

Social Media

Social media – write content into a social media library that auto posts 6 months of your content over and over giving you more time to respond to comments and use your profile link to drive traffic to your email list or website. 

But David, that's so much information!
Where do I start?...

How Can I Create My Own Website That Looks Professional?
This is What You Need To Do...

When I need to get a website up in an hour or two, here’s what I do…

Before we jump in, I have YouTube videos on my channel where you can follow along, I will put a link to my channel at the bottom of this section, also, I drop tips weekly and answer your questions is on my email list, why not join the party David’s Email list.

So, how much does a small business website cost? Can be as little as $15 a month if you setup a WordPress site, steps below…

Step 1. Buy your domain name from
Step 2. Create a free Cloudflare account at
Step 3. Buy your WordPress hosting at (Select “Limit Logins” when going through the install process), this stops bots hacking your passwords, I limit to three login attempts then lock for 30 mins.
Step 4. Install WordPress, it’s free.
Step 5. Install your WordPress drag-&-drop builder, use the free version of Elementor, once WordPress is installed, go to Plugins on the left and search for Elementor, this will install the free version.
Step 6. Install the free version of Astra Themes
Step 7. Install Astra Starter Themes from WordPress Plugins, Starter themes are pre-build templates you can install to give you a fully working website in seconds, then change the content or use your drag-&-drop site builder to redesign, here’s your choice of starter templates:

Boom, Done, time taken, 1 hour, the rest of the time will be to update content.

If you don’t have any photo editing software, use the free version of Canva to design site headers and create other graphics at

To see my step-by-step video on YouTube click: What is the easiest way to build a websiten

How Much Does a Small Business Website Cost - Ask David

Working for 20 years as a Full Stack Web Developer

Seeing company after company promise to change SEO, Marketing and Website performance and basicly falling short.

I took it upon myself to test what works and what doesn’t. All my content in this site is the positive knowledge learned from long hours, frustrations, and wins. Buckle Up and lets jump in.


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